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Sewing Class Feedback

“This is my therapy!”
“I liked everything, Thanks Mrs. Ann”
“Mrs. Ann I'm going to miss you!! All the laughs we had and the funny faces you made. I enjoyed being taught by you.”
“Keep it up!”
“I want to go to many more classes.”
“Your sewing class is very fun. I hope to see you next year!”
“This was wonderful. You are great at teaching sewing! I know that everybody enjoyed this. Thank You!” P.S. I am definitely coming back!
“I liked that you get to do so many projects and they were all so awesome!”
“It is so organized! I think that this class is way awesome!!! Thank You!!!”
“ Mrs. Ann is the best and funniest sewing teacher ever.”
“Such a great experience for the girls. Thank you so much!”
“Thanks so much for being such an awesome sewing teacher...I've learned and continue to learn so much!!!”
“Thank you so much for all your personal investment in helping our daughter create her formal dress. She was so pleased, and it was truly a dream come true for her.”
“You are such a blessing! I am so thankful that you decided to share your talents with us. I look forward to sewing every week!”
"Your class is worth the drive!" (This came from a student who drove over an hour to come sew.)
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