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Our Story
Why we started creating christian baby clothes and providing sewing classes...
Blessed Babe began after the loss of 2 children (Heart & Isaiah) in the second trimester and during a struggle to hold on to the third child. It was during my 3 month long bedrest, at the hospital, when I realized what a miracle it was to be pregnant and carry a child.
Since my husband and I were going to be blessed with a child (believing by faith), we wanted this child and others to know how they are a gift created by God.
So fast forward and these are the beautiful girls God blessed us with...
Blessed Babe
...so how did the sewing classes start??
It all began after visiting my daughters school, and talking about how the sewing machine was invented. It was during this experience that I was able to see the enthusiasm for a lost skill...SEWING. I started a summer camp for kids in my home and now 5yrs later we have established a studio in Watkinsville that by God's grace just keeps growing. Now kids and adults can learn this awesome skill and allow their creativity to bloosom.
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