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Customer Comments
At www.BlessedBabe.com, we would like to Thank ALL our customers and students for your business. Thanks for comments on our baby shower gifts, christian baby clothes, christian maternity clothes, embroidery designs, sewing machine classes and just our overall christian clothing store.
Thank you for teaching me. You are sweet. You are like a rose.
Thank you for all you taught me. I will miss you and try not to forget what U taught me!
Thank you for showing me how to sow(sew). I've learned so many things from you. Like how to make myself a skirt and my own dress. Thank you for all the giggles. You showed me that you can create many things and show them off!
Thank you so much for having a caring heart. "My" girls have had such an amazing week and you have truly made a difference in their lives. God Bless...
Thank you for teaching me how to sew! You're the best sewing teacher ever!
I loved sewing!
I just wanted to send a quick email and let you know what a wonderful time my daughter had in your sewing class. She can not stop talking about it!
God Bless You!
Just a quick note to let you know that my daughter is now 5
months along and we are having a BOY!   She is doing so well.  By the way thank you for your encouraging card and cute maternity tops.  God Bless.
I think you have cool stuff.
I will have my first baby soon. Thank you.
God Bless you and your kindness!!
Thank You for the Blessed Babe Shirt. Our son looks so cute in it.
Thank you for the Lord is my Shepherd blanket. It was a hit at my friends baby shower. I love the new Mooracle design. Keep up the good work.
Great ski cap! It almost serves 2 purposes. My son wears it and plays with the tassels at the same time.
May God continue to bless you.
Thank you soooooooo much for my sons keepsake pillow.
Everytime I look at it I'm reminded of the day he was birthed into this world.
My daughter loves her Mooracle shirt. She walks around saying,"mommy I'm a miracle". What a great way to teach kids something awesome like that.
Keep up the great work.
Thanks for my rush job. The "thank heavens..."bib & bodysuit made it in
perfect time for the shower.
Finally!! Clothes for mommy and baby that glorify the Lord!! I'm pregnant and have seen soooooo many maternity shirts
that have such a negative message ("knocked up") etc. It's time that people see the wonder  of God and his creation and that life is FROM HIM... a gift. I'm so excited about
your website. Thank you so much for bringing the good news to both mommies and babies!!!
I love your stuff.
Great Stuff!!!
I bought a pink crochet hat for my daughter. She wore it all day and loved it! She even wore her hat to school because her class was going to the Zoo and she had to have her "pretty hat".
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